Security Guard FAQ

How To Get Started In The Security Services Field


  • You must be at least 18 years of age
    • State issued Driver's license or photo ID is required for each class
    • A full criminal history background check must be cleared and approved by the FBI & Cal. Dept. of Justice
  • 40 Hours of training must be completed for the Guard Card
    • 8 Hours initially for the Guard Card application process (Phase I)
    • 16 Hours within 30 days of employment in the Security field (Phase II)
    • 16 Hours within 6 months of employment in the Security field(Phase III)
  • 8 hour refresher course every year

For further details see the Assembly Bill 2880


Applying by Mail:

  • Send payments as Check or Money Order payable to B.S.I.S.
  • Use Certified Mail or Return Receipt through the Post Office for all State paperwork.
  • Make copies of your paperwork and maintain all receipts.

Applying online for Security Guard Application only (No Firearms):

  • Visit security guard application website.
  • Register with the State online and complete the application process. You will need the information on the paperwork you received at class. Then pay the online fee of $51 with your Credit Card.

Once the Bureau has received the application information, processing fees and the criminal history background is approved, a "Clear" status will show on the Bureau's website with your Permit number and Expiration date. Then the Security Guard or Private Patrol Operator can verify the approval by checking the Bureau's "Verify a License" page located at When the "Clear" status shows on the site, a screen print out of the page may be used as a temporary Security Guard Registration so the Guard may be placed on assignment. The actual Security Guard Registration will be mailed to the applicant and may be received in 4-10 weeks.

An unarmed Security Guard placed on assignment must have the following documents on his/her person:

  • A screen print out of "Clear" status from the Bureau's web-site OR a valid Security Guard Registration card.
  • A valid Photo ID/Drivers License
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