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CWPS officers are the pride and backbone of our organization. There are three classes of officers that are available to meet our clients’ security needs:

Protection Types

Any class of officer above may be selected to provide the following services for security coverage.

Standing: Officers are on foot-patrol, posted at the site for the duration of their shift.

Courtesy Patrol: An officer in a vehicle drives through the site at various times of the day & night. Our officers will conduct foot patrol to cover all grounds

Mobile: The best of both worlds; the officer has a vehicle, driven around the site for visibility, and also conducts scheduled foot-patrols.

Bicycle: Highly mobile officers patrol the site on mountain bikes.

All our units are highly visible, proactive, and on-call 24/7.

Areas of Coverage

All coverage includes lockups, unlocks, parking reinforcement, and terminal control.

Apartment Complexes
Condominium Complexes
Gated Communities
Home Owner Associations

Shopping Plazas
Parking Lots

Construction Sites
Industrial Complexes

Private Parties

Training Only

  • For those looking for certification, our Academy offers a full range of accredited courses to choose from, such as: CPR, Baton, Firearm training, and more.

Hillcrest Businesses Hire City Wide Protection Services

City Wide Protection Services knows how to professionally deal with issues on your property in as peaceful and respectful of a manner as possible. Watch our video below to see our security officers in action.

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