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June 25, 2020
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Top 6 Signs That Your Business Needs Security


Like any good business owner, the protection of your employees, customers and property is one of your top priorities. For many small businesses, the thought of hiring a reputable, licensed security agency can be daunting and viewed as unnecessary because such a service is only for larger companies. However, small businesses can also benefit from employing a long-term security guard, short-term security guards for events such as grand openings, and they can be armed, semi-armed or unarmed.

Not sure if security is right for your business? Here are the top six signs that your business does need security.

  • Your Business’ Location is in a Vulnerable Area
  • Your Business’ Parking Lot Creates Safety Issues
  • Your Business Has Been Burglarized
  • Your Business Houses Expensive Equipment
  • You Keep A Record Of Concerns
  • You want to save on your insurance premium


Your Business’ Location is in a Vulnerable Area

One vulnerable area that puts your business at risk is an area with a high crime rate. If your business is located in such an area, it is necessary to hire a security guard. To figure out if your business is in a high-crime area, you can visit crime data sites such as Neighborhood Scout to find the crime statistics of your business’ location. 

Another vulnerable area is a rural location. Without a high number of people around, crimes are more likely to take place since there would be little chance for witnesses to report the crime. Make sure to take the locations of other buildings that belong to your business into consideration, whether it be warehouses, satellite offices, or other divisions.


Your Business’ Parking Lot Creates Safety Issues

Parking lots are known to be a hotbed for crimes. This is especially true if the parking lot does not have great lighting and your business is open early or late hours. Parking lots with safety issues, such as transients, will deter potential customers from visiting your business and make employees uneasy about coming to work.

Having a security guard present in your parking lot will not only put you at ease about your employees and the physical business, but will also put your customers at ease. Such presence will allow customers to visit your business, even during dark hours. 


Your Business Has Been Burglarized

Burglary costs American retailers nearly $50 billion annually, as stated by a National Retail Federation survey. Out of all the types of burglaries, shoplifting constitutes most of those losses.   While individual instances of shoplifting may be small, these small losses add up quick if something isn’t done to prevent further loss. This prevention should be one of your top priorities.  

Therefore, hiring a security guard is the right move to greatly lower the chances of such a catastrophe striking. The proactive prevention of burglary will also decrease the chance of liability. With that, you can place the money for your business in areas more worthwhile to build up your business.


Your Business Houses Expensive Equipment

Don’t have a retail business? This equipment is vital to keep your business running, but it can also place a target on your business for crime to take place. If you have expensive equipment, whether it be exclusive electronic devices, machinery, or some other costly equipment, it is a good idea to hire a security guard. 

It would be ineffective to take the valuable items with you to your home. Another alternate idea would be to install security alarm and camera systems. But even with those, the authorities would arrive once the damage has been done. A security guard present will prevent the damage from occurring. Such equipment is vital for the business to run and must not be put at any risk. 


You Keep A Record Of Concerns 

A record of concerns include any sort of list made up from activities around or in your physical business space that causes anxiety, fear or potential injury. If you keep a record of concerns that have been occurring in or around your business, leave that to the professionals. One of a security guard’s tasks is to keep a record of day-to-day activities. The purpose is to keep track of suspicious activities, injuries and an account of liabilities. 

These records, along with corrective action reports, will protect the business from liabilities if one gets hurt on your business’ property. Also, it’s one less thing for you to worry about. With that, you can focus on running your business in a direct manner.


You want to save on your insurance premium 

The safer your business is, the lower the insurance premium. A security guard present at your business makes the area safer by deterring would be thieves. Therefore, security guards give you the option to take advantage of insurance premium discounts. 

The discounts vary, with the lower rates given to businesses working in the brick-and-mortar retail sector and in areas where the presence of security guards has been shown to deter crimes. Knowing your insurance company’s requirements in advance is important to obtain the best insurance premium.

Security agencies have guards that can be present at your business 24/7 or solely during the night so you can choose which option is best for your business. Such a securing presence will allow you to focus on what truly matters most: making sure your business runs smoothly. Even when you are not working, you can go about your leisure time without a worry about the safety of your business. 

The right security guard comes from a reputable, licensed security agency. When searching for a security agency to hire a security guard, make sure that the agency has permits or licenses and insurance. Also, keep in mind that just because an agency is bigger and more expensive does not mean it is better. Request quotes so you can compare and contrast agencies. Hiring a security guard is a big investment for your business, but it is an investment well worth taking if you relate to any of the top six signs that your business needs security.

Tom Tamar
Tom Tamar
Tom Tamar is the President & C.E.O. at City Wide Protection Services, Inc. The security firm specializes in a full range of security services, consultation and training. Tom is an active SDCAA supplier member and serves in several committees including the Legislative and Editorial Advisory Board.

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