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What to Expect From A Security Patrol


The wellbeing of your business is your number one priority. Security is a crucial element to sustain that wellbeing. One of the best forms of protection is a security patrol due to their skills acquired from training and visible presence. If you’ve never hired a security patrol, you might be unsure about what they do or how your business could benefit. 

The most basic expectation from a security patrol is that they do exactly what their title describes: patrol for security purposes. To “patrol” means “to keep watch over (an area) by regularly walking or traveling around it.” “Security” means “the state of being free from danger or threat.” So, putting the two and two together, a security patrol’s main task is to watch over a certain area–such as your business–to keep it free from danger or threat. 

Here are five things to expect from a security patrol: 


Inspections of Your Business’ Perimeter

While patrolling their designated area, security patrols complete a handful of tasks related to the perimeter of your business. One such task is to specifically check entryways, exits, and other vulnerable areas in which people with malicious intent could be hiding. Another task is to examine any type of lock in the perimeter and test alarms and other security equipment to ensure they are functioning properly. Security patrols also look out for any physical damage, which could be a sign of a potential crime, or hazard that could harm your employees or customers. 

As these tasks are being executed, the security patrol’s goal is to be consistent in the things they check. This calls for established, physical checkpoints the security patrol must inspect to make sure they are well-secured, including entryways and exits.


Human Touch

Having a consistent routine of inspection checkpoints can put a security patrol’s protection in jeopardy. By simply becoming familiar with the security patrol’s routine, potential criminals can have an advantage allowing them to slip by and wreak havoc. This is where a security patrol’s second goal comes into play: to be diverse in the routes they take. A security patrol will change up the routes for their checkpoints in order to lessen the chance of criminals taking advantage of them or your business. 

While cameras are great for recording anything that goes wrong, and alarms can alert you to a present danger, a security patrol is able to balance unpredictability and stability, something no other security equipment can accomplish. Security patrols possess other skills exclusively humans can execute. For example, security patrols can pinpoint potential problems through physical evidence and create a plan to fix the problem before it becomes trouble, such as fixing an obscured or broken security camera. They can also act on things that cameras or alarms alert them to; such as an open door or window that an intruder has come through. 


Exceptional Observation Skills

The skill of observation security patrols use, as demonstrated above, can successfully prevent or stop problems. Such skills can be applied to not only objects, but also people. Security patrols are trained to observe people along with their surroundings to locate potential problems. The more time your hired security patrol spends on the premises and with the security system of your business, the more exposed your security patrol is to the regular activities of your business. Regular activities include the actions of your customers, employees, and nearby people. Therefore, security patrols are able to contrast the usual life of your business with a certain behavior or body language that appears out of place to keep and confront the person or people if necessary.


Various People-Oriented Skills

Handling people is another skill security patrols are trained to do. The skills of dealing with people are expansive when it comes to a security patrol. In the situation above where a security patrol confronts a suspicious person in your business, they have the tools necessary to effectively speak with the person to receive necessary information from them and keep them calm in the process.

Security patrols can also apply their pacifying skills to a large, frenzied crowd. This skill is a part of their crowd control training. Whether it be during big sales or times of turmoil, security patrols know how to diminish tensions and risks associated with crowds to prevent dangers such as theft, fights, and stampedes. With that, your customers, employees and business can be kept safe. 

Security patrols are also able to keep individuals safe in case of a medical emergency. With first-aid training, security patrols are able to execute the best and proper steps to give the adequate care to your customer in-need before the arrival of first-responders. Such actions ensure the health and the wellness of your customers and employees.

When there is no emergency, security patrols have people-oriented skills that can help your business in the area of customer service. Security patrols can give a person directions when asked and accompany one of your employees or customers to their car to and from your store if they feel unsafe. If you have people visiting your business’ establishment, your security patrol can play a vital role by creating a checkpoint. Security patrols are able to search your visitors and their personal possessions before allowing them on your business’ premises. The extra help a security patrol can provide for your business’ customer service can positively impact your business, and bottomline, overall.


Authoritative Presence

The final expectation comes from the mere presence of a security patrol. Other forms of security, such as cameras and alarms, do not have such an impactful presence as a security patrol. The physical view of a security patrol wearing their uniform in front of your establishment is one that is instantly recognized.

The visibility of your security patrol deters criminals and other people with malicious intentions from entering your business’ premises. These people will receive the message that if they continue with their plans, they will face failure and dire consequences. With that, your business will avoid the burden of dealing with a crime and its results.

Another action that the presence of a security patrol can stir up is comfort among those who feel unsure or lost. Since security patrols are recognizable and known for assisting others, people who need such help will feel welcome to approach them and ask for help. Such presence will improve your customer service.

Overall, the presence of a security patrol monitoring your business’ establishment is a clear sign that your business and the surrounding area are extremely safe. Not only does this presence you hired show that you care about the security of your business and those inside it, but it also shows that you care about the safety of the people around your business’ premises. 

Final Word

Safety supplied by a security patrol will not only benefit your business, your customers, and those nearby your business’ establishment, but it will also benefit you as the business owner. When someone else takes care of the security of your business, you can focus on the important tasks that must be completed to keep your business functioning without constantly worrying about security. Consider this benefit a bonus expectation.

These expectations are points that must be kept in mind when searching for the right security for your business. Your main priority is the wellbeing of your business–not to fix the damage inflicted on your business, but to prevent the damage from occurring in the first place.

Tom Tamar
Tom Tamar
Tom Tamar is the President & C.E.O. at City Wide Protection Services, Inc. The security firm specializes in a full range of security services, consultation and training. Tom is an active SDCAA supplier member and serves in several committees including the Legislative and Editorial Advisory Board.

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