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March 19, 2020
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When Do You Need a Short-Term Security Guard?


As the potential threats that may endanger your business and your clients grow more and more varied, there is a pressing need for efficient, effective short-term security services. City Wide Protection Services (CWPS) understands your concerns and has years of experience that allows us to offer you the highest quality services and peace of mind so you can focus on what matters. 

We have encountered a vast variety of incidents in our line of work, and as such our services are varied and well-suited to all your potential needs. Our professionally trained officers are equipped to handle any of the unique scenarios or concerns you may face. We offer our customers 24/7 on-call services of armed, semi-armed, and unarmed class officers. Any of these officers are available through courtesy patrol, standing or mobile. We are happy to meet with you, assess your situation, and custom tailor our services to suit the needs of any event or situation. 

The Need For Security in San Diego

San Diego boasts the lowest violent crime rate amongst the ten most populated cities in the US, and crime rates in 2019 were reported as one of the lowest in the past 40 years (source). Even so, according to SANDAG’s mid-year crime report, robberies and aggravated assaults increased greatly in the first half of 2019 compared to 2018 and everyday in San Diego County last year, an average of about $539,000 in property was stolen. 

The types of security threats that endanger a business continue to grow, from burglary and vandalism to active shooters and terrorists. The losses that a business suffers as a result of these crimes are staggering. In 2018 and 2019, $121 billion annual losses were accredited to workplace assaults. Vigilance and caution is required to ensure these numbers do not rise further. 

What Are Short-Term Security Guards?

Short-term security guards can be hired for any period of time, from 8 hours to a few weeks. There are three different classes of officers that CWPS provides to fit your different needs. Unarmed officers carry a cellphone or a two way radio, a flashlight and handcuffs. Semi-armed officers carry the aforementioned, in addition to Mace, a TASER and a baton. Finally, armed officers carry all of the aforementioned, as well as a firearm.

According to the location and the situation, different types of protection may be required.

    • Standing: an officer on foot patrol is posted at the location.
    • Courtesy patrol: an officer in a vehicle passes through the location at various times, while also using foot patrol to cover the entire site.


  • Mobile: a combination of the first two options, an officer in a vehicle drives through the site and this is interspersed with scheduled foot-patrols.

The type of protection will be determined by assessing the site, the security needs and other relevant factors. For example, with large open areas such as parking lots or parks, it would be beneficial to have a mobile patrol. With locations that operate 24/7 or until late hours, there is an increased opportunity for crimes and therefore an increased need for protection services. CWPS can help you determine what services would be most beneficial, and tailor the different options to best suit you.

Why Hire Short-Term Security Guards?

Short-term security guards are trained professionally in problem prevention, hazard assessment, de-escalation, protection, crowd control and more. In addition to actively patrolling a location, they can also be in charge of checking credentials, restricting access to certain areas and monitoring video surveillance. A 2017 study conducted in Southwest England determined that the presence of patrol officers in public spaces caused a 49% increase in crimes reported by guards, and a 16% decrease in crimes reported by victims. This demonstrates the effectiveness of security teams in preventing crime and other incidents. 

Having a professional security team handle these tasks significantly reduces the pressure you feel regarding the safety of your business and allows you to unapologetically focus on your other responsibilities. There are numerous additional advantages to having a short-term security guard on site.

Deterring Presence

With increased traffic and excitement surrounding an event or popular time of year, your business becomes more at risk for crimes such as vandalism, theft, trespassing, etc. Not only can short-term security guards spot and react to suspicious activity, but their presence in itself acts as a deterrent for criminals. A business that has visible uniformed protections is a less likely target, and more efficient as a visual deterrent than standard security measures, such as camera surveillance.

Alleviating Tensions

Amongst their other responsibilities, short-term security guards are trained at de-escalating situations and alleviating tensions when they are running high. Particularly when there are large crowds or an emergency is occurring, it is easy for individuals to become rowdy or disorderly and cause a commotion. Security guards can handle such incidents effectively and minimize any damage or disruption caused. 

Peace of Mind

Just as the presence of a security guard at a location can deter criminals, it can also provide a sense of security. For employees, it is easier to maintain focus and the usual levels of productivity when they do not feel that their personal safety is at risk. Similarly, the presence of a security guard, particularly if they are personable and amiable, sends a message to your customers and clients. It communicates that you are customer-oriented, you value their safety and you are actively taking steps to demonstrate this. For businesses that operate in high-crime areas or at high-risk times, having security guards onsite can provide a greater peace of mind to everyone involved.

Objective Third-Party

In some cases, the threat or concern is internal rather than external. Perhaps you have concerns within your business regarding compliance, strange behavior or internal safety. Hiring a short-term security guard from a third-party such as CWPS can provide you with an objective and trustworthy perspective of these happenings. There is no conflict of interest as the security guards answer to their company rather than yours; as such, they can be trusted to report on suspicious activity or behavior within the workplace.

Cost Effective & Convenient

If you hire short-term security guards from a professional and certified company, they are covering many costs; this includes everything the guards possess, from their training and credentials, to their uniform and personal gear. Additionally, hiring from a private company is much more convenient, as individually selecting suitable security guards and screening each individual can be very time-consuming. 

When to Hire Short-Term Security Guards

There are many different situations in which you might benefit from hiring a short-term security guard. The key is that you will need extra protection when you expect there to be increased risk, whether you are aware of a threat, have concerns regarding odd behavior, or are simply planning an event. 

One instance of increased risk is when your business is more vulnerable than usual, due to renovations or emergencies that allow for weaknesses to be exploited. Another instance is when there is high traffic; the more people there are moving in and around your business, the more opportunities there are for crime to occur. Here are some examples of when short-term security guards would prove valuable, and how exactly they would help. 

Reopening of Businesses and Public Places

Whether your event is a grand opening, a convention, or just holiday shopping traffic, short-term securities guards may be required to ensure safety at uncertain times. High traffic events can cause physical harm to guests due to overcrowding and rushed movement. Temporary security guards can help alleviate tensioned traffic and facilitate a safe flow of incoming and outgoing foot and vehicle traffic. Similarly, short-term security guards are professionally trained to spot suspicious activity and monitor theft and other crime that can be at high risk during high traffic events because of the surrounding circulation. Our officers are professionally trained to alleviate the stress caused by high traffic events.

Construction Sites

For many, construction sites may not seem like a short-term event; however, if your location is left unattended for many hours in a day for prolonged weeks, it may be vulnerable to various threats. The nature of construction poses many dangers and liabilities. Construction site managers take on lots of risks when entering a new contract. On-site security and patrol services can ensure the safety of construction workers and the valuable equipment used throughout the process. 


Large crowded events may pose unique safety hazards to its guests. If you are planning a private party, nightclub, sporting event, concert, or festival it is highly recommended to hire short-term security services. This is because crowded spaces pose unique crime methods that may go undetected to the average civilian. Any event where there are increased levels of excitement and drinking risks dealing with volatile individuals, drunken brawls, petty crimes and more. Professional security guards are trained to spot specific theft that may accompany large events and how to handle the delinquents while minimizing the interruption of your event.

Criminal Endangerment

While less frequently occurring, there have certainly been instances where a business becomes a target for criminal intent. This might mean that a dangerous individual has been reported in the surrounding area, or an employee within the workplace is dealing with a stalker. 

Regardless, a short-term security guard can provide relief by monitoring the area for suspicious activity and identifying a dangerous situation before it occurs, minimizing risk. Having a security guard on site can reduce fear and stress in the workplace and encourage employees to maintain their usual routines and levels of productivity. 

Short-Term Security Services

Here at City Wide Protection Services, our guards are professionally trained, available 24/7, and suited to your different needs. If you need short-term security, be assured that our guards will provide you and your clients with a greater peace of mind while serving with integrity. Contact us today to get a free quote and answers to any questions you may have about our fully licensed security company in California.

Tom Tamar
Tom Tamar
Tom Tamar is the President & C.E.O. at City Wide Protection Services, Inc. The security firm specializes in a full range of security services, consultation and training. Tom is an active SDCAA supplier member and serves in several committees including the Legislative and Editorial Advisory Board.

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