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City Wide Protection Services

Hi! My name is Hojjat “Tom” Tamar and I’m the President & CEO here at City Wide Protection Services, Inc. We are a fully licensed security company in the state of California. We offer a full range of Security Services, Camera & Alarm Monitoring, Consultation, and Security Training.

Our firm was founded in August of 2012 based on the principles of serving with integrity and professionalism above and beyond what is often found in the security industry.

I have been in the security industry for more than a decade. I began my career at the age of 18 as a regular security guard watching an empty parking lot. Through dedication and hard work, I worked my way up to higher management. I have done everything there is to do in the security industry from the bottom up. I’ve worked for multiple security firms ranging from small local firms to nationwide corporations.

Throughout my career, I’ve seen the good and the bad of the security industry. That’s why in 2012 I started my own company – determined to fix the mistakes I’ve seen others make. I assembled a team of many of the best people I had worked with in order to put our past experience towards providing the best possible security services.

Lukas joined the team taking on the role of our Vice President. He comes with years of experience, along with a background in law enforcement, as well as knowing the ins & outs of running his own companies in the past. Our combined experience has helped us take City Wide Protection Services to the next level by seeing new opportunities to serve our clients from all angles.

Sam, our other partner, not only keeps track of the pulse on all things financially-related to our company – which provides the stability to serve our clients with excellence – but he is also our Director of HR. He is our voice of reason and has years of experience working with multi-million dollar companies. He has a passion for hiring only the best qualified & most disciplined employees in order for them to surpass the expectations of our clients and to consistently perform with our deep-rooted mission at their core: “serving with integrity.”

Together, not only have we been able to provide top quality security services, we’ve now added a Security Academy division, with the intention of passing along our knowledge in this field to new security officers who are joining the industry.

We wish we could tell you a great story about the turning point in our firm, but there is none. We started working hard from day one – and when I say hard, we had many 20-hour days. We continue working hard to this day and put in 110% effort to make our clients happy.

What we’ve learned and what we want to pass along to the people we encounter throughout this amazing journey is: we are not perfect, we learn from our mistakes, and no matter what happens, continue to move forward. Our recipe for success is true, “serving with integrity”, learning from our experiences, and treating our team members with the respect they deserve as important members of our team.

All that being said, we truly believe our team is the best at what we do. We will serve you with integrity. We are not perfect. However, if there are any issues, we will fix it in no time and learn from the experience. That is why we have become one of the fastest growing security firms in the country, nearly doubling in size every year that we’ve been in business.


Our mission is to provide clients with peace of mind while serving with integrity.


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Our Academy

Here at City Wide Protection Services, the quality of our staff sets us apart from the competition. We do not depend on other institutions to train our personnel; we have our own fully licensed academy lead by our own certified instructors, enabling us to regulate and monitor the quality of the training programs for the personnel who represent us in the field. The services of our academy are available to all who qualify, even if they are not a part of the City Wide Protection Services family.

Our Dispatch Center

The Dispatch Center serves as the nerve center of the company, allowing us to maintain a constant overview of all activities in our jurisdiction. Dispatch never sleeps. That's why our Central Office is connected to the field 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing us to respond to any emergency efficiently and effectively.

Serving with Integrity

Call us at: 888-205-4242
E-mail us at: info@cwps-ca.us
City Wide Group of Companies

We are proud to be a part of the City Wide Group Of Companies

City Wide Group Of Companies, Inc. is a holding company that owns multiple businesses, as well as a property investment company located in San Diego, California. Founded by Hojjat Tom Tamar, Lukas Zareba, and Sam Malik, the City Wide leadership team is committed to providing San Diego with world-class service in cleaning, security services, and other property investment endeavors. Another subsidiary of CWGOC, besides City Wide Protection Services (CWPS), is City Wide Cleaning Services (CWCS).

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