Exposed Firearm Permit

Exposed Firearm Permit COMPLETE classes

Students may bring their own unloaded/secured firearms to class if they wish to qualify with them. students may bring their own ammunition (must be approved by range master).
*Student must provide Valid State Photo ID/Drivers license, State approved “Proof of US Citizenship/Legal Resident Status”. (i.e. Us birth cert., US Passport, US Military ID Card, DD-214), Student must have or be in the process obtaining a CA Guard Card.*

This class does NOT include State fee, gun rental, or ammunition cost, students will also be required to undergo a STATE REQUIRED ASSESMENT before they will be allowed to get approval for the permit.

Shooting Range

Ammunition is available for purchase at the range.
Optional additional caliber qualification fees:
8 hours in classroom
Please bring to class:
You must qualify at the range within 30 days after taking the written examination.
Please DO NOT bring firearms to class.
Does NOT include ammunition or $80 State Processing Fee for the Firearm Permits.
Re-qualifications must be done every 4 – 6 months per B.S.I.S. regulations.


Requalification is for one caliber only, additional calibers are $40.00 each.
Student is responsible for processing his/hers own permit renewal.

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