City Wide Protection Services is a fully licensed and insured security firm in San Diego, CA. We offer a full range of security services, consultation, and training. Our coverage includes lockups, unlocks, parking reinforcement and terminal control.


  • City Wide Protection Services has provided a variety of security services since August of 2013. CWPS provides 24x7 non-armed site security and camera monitoring for our large fenced outside storage area and security patrols/door checks for an indoor storage warehouse area. Their services have met or exceeded all expectations. Site security personnel are well trained and professional. CWPS management has provided quick responses to any and all questions and has helped with recommendations to make our sites more secure. I would strongly recommend City Wide Protection Services for your security needs.
  • City Wide Protection Services has been servicing our apartments for a few months and we have seen a huge improvement in our property since they have started. They have tackled the biggest issue we've had, parking enforcement. Since the day they started issuing warnings, now we rarely have anyone breaking these rules. Our resident satisfaction has improved since this was addressed as our residents no longer struggle with cars without permits parking inside the property. All patrol officers have been doing an amazing job they have given us detailed reports of their nightly walks and respond quickly whenever a resident has an issue or concern. These detailed reports have allowed us to be informed on what happens on the property after hours and address anything we need to do with our residents the next day. This has caused our resident retention rate to go also improve as our residents feel like they are being taken care of on and off office hours. Lukas Zareba, our representative, has done a great job not only before we signed up with City Wide but continues to quickly respond to our issues and concerns. We here at the office have enjoyed working with him due to his great customer service and that he continues to come by the office to make sure we are satisfied with their service. We have recommended City Wide to our sister properties because of how much of an improvement we have seen!
  • I am the president of our HOA. City Wide Protection Services is the security company for our HOA in San Diego and they are doing a great job protecting our community. Since they took over from our last Security Company, there has been a lot fewer people loitering around our Complex during the day and night. They are also enforcing our parking regulations, for vehicles that are violating the 72-hour parking policy, unregistered vehicles and vehicles without parking permits. I get a report every morning delivered to my house as to what has happened in the complex at night. City Wide Protection Services has made a positive difference in our complex. They are the only security company that I have worked with that doesn't make me feel like our HOA is getting ripped off. City Wide is truly a professional company that lives up to their motto serving with integrity.
  • I have been in the rental/customer service industry for over 20 years. I have worked with several different vendors including Courtesy Patrol services. City Wide protection services has been providing Courtesy Patrol Services on my property since last year and I have to say, compared with my prior courtesy patrol vendor, these guys are: "day and night". I get nothing but praises from my residents regarding City Wide, they are proactive, visible, and diligent. I always get my nightly reports, if there is an incident or issue with parking, City Wide Officers always let me know the next day. I particularly love the fact that every time I call the office or Lukas the representative with a question or concern, it is handled immediately. I would highly recommend City Wide Protection Services to any residential community even for their devotion and professionalism alone.
  • City Wide Protection services has been servicing both our facilities for almost 1 year. We had several issues with effectiveness in our after-hours policy enforcement as well as consistency in the enforcement. Since City Wide has taken on the contract, we have seen the remarkable improvement in our coverage, consistency, and enforcement. In addition, we have not seen our cost increase outside of human minimum wage adjustments. We have specific challenges with our proximity to the Trolley station. City Wide has been able to work together with our partners at MTS and has had a major impact on issues that were previously difficult for our courtesy patrol team to tackle. Some of these challenges include excessive loitering and smoking from across the station and transient traffic issues. Tom Tamar and his team are quick to respond and eager to solve anything we bring to their attention. I have appreciated Tom's availability to me to discuss concerns I might have regarding anything security related. He always has time for me and makes me feel like a top priority. I can confidently recommend City Wide to colleagues looking for security/ courtesy patrol services.
  • We sincerely appreciate the support you have provided to us. Your encouragement to members and potential members of the Guard and other community members is highly regarded. It is through individuals such as yourself that we are able to establish a close working relationship with the community and maintain our Guard strength with its citizen soldiers
  • City wide protection services has been our courtesy patrol company for the past 3 years. They have been the best patrol company that I have worked with in my 19 years in the industry. They handle all issues on my property in the most professional manner. I sleep at night knowing that my apartment community is well taken care of. City Wide makes me feel as if I have my own personal security team as they have taken quite a bit off of my work load by dealing with issues for me. I was actually surprised with how easy it is to get a hold of upper management when any serious problems arose. One phone call is usually all it takes and I am speaking to the president of the company. With the ease of accessibility, professionalism, punctuality and superb service I get from them I could not imagine working with anyone else. This is how all vendors should make you feel.
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Our security guard training academy offers the lowest rates citywide.
Financial aid and job placement available. Free training for qualified U.S. veterans.



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