What To Look For When Hiring Private Security

What To Look For When Hiring Private Security

Making the choice to protect your property with private security isn’t enough. It’s critical that you make a wise choice when hiring a private security company. While hiring a private security company isn’t exactly like hiring a plumber, the wrong choice could leave you in an undesirable situation. Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice when you hire your private security company:

Permits and Licenses: Any legitimate security company has a PPO (Private Patrol Operator) license. A business should also check local and state regulations for what is required of security companies at the site of the property itself.

Bigger isn’t Always Better: The bigger the security company, the less your account matters to them. A property manager can often save themselves headache by working with a smaller company that is more likely to make the property’s needs a priority.

Screen the Guards: Don’t trust your security company to put their best and brightest at your property- make sure that they do by screening the guards before they come to work on your property. This will allow you to fish out anyone that isn’t physically fit for your job. For the record, City Wide Protection Services only hires guards that are physically fit to secure the property.

Ask For Proof of Insurance: The security company and its guards are required to carry a one million dollar liability policy. Security companies that can’t produce this minimal amount of insurance should be passed over in search of a more reliable private security company.

Price Isn’t Everything: Price does matter, but focus on quality, too. If you have doubts that a company charging a few dollars per hour less is as qualified as another company, you’re better off paying a little more now to avoid larger problems later.


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